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Advantages of USB Type C Cable over Traditional USB Data Cable

Aug 02-2021

At present, USB data cables are widely used in the electronic industry. Most electronic devices will have a standard USB interface. Moreover, USB C type cable is now known as a universal solution for USB devices. So what are the difference between Mcdodo usb c cable and traditional USB data cable?

1. New reversible shape of Mcdodo usb c cable

The physical data cable of USB-A is much larger than that of USB type-C, and the size of USB type-C is about the same as that of micro-USB. Unlike the USB type-A data cable, there is no need to try to insert it, turn it over, and then turn it over again. Just find the correct direction when trying to establish a connection. The advantage of usb type c cable is that since both sides of the data cable are the same, it can be inserted upward at will.

2. Mcdodo usb c cable can support the new standard

USB C-type cable can support various new USB standards. For example, fast data transmission up to 10 Gbps and power transmission performance can be achieved.

3. Mcdodo usb c cable makes charging faster

At present, the standard USB 2.0 data cable can provide up to 2.5W power, while the USB PD standard supported by usb type c cable can provide up to 100W power, which is enough to charge the laptop. It is bidirectional, which means that connected devices can send and receive power at the same time for best results.

4. Mcdodo usb c cable saves space

To be sure, the era of devices with a large number of different data line ports is over. The Mcdodo usb c cable port can use "standby mode" to support a variety of different protocols, and has adapters that can output other types of connections from the USB port. Now, HDMI, Display Port, VGA, headset and power port can be simplified into a single type of port, which helps the device become thinner than ever before.

5. Interoperability of Mcdodo usb c cable

USB type c cable is not just a data cable unique to a device. More than 700 technology companies have jointly designed and adopted this new data line, including well-known companies such as apple, Google, Dell, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Samsung. It can be expected that USB type c cable will be released and become a common function in new electronic devices.

6. Mcdodo usb c cable can be downward compatible

Even if the USB type c cable cannot be properly connected to the type-A port, you can use a physical adapter to plug an older device into the usb c port. However, the underlying standard is backward compatible, which means that the USB 3.0 standard data cable can be used with the USB 2.0 port, although it can only work at the speed and capability of the older standard.

Obviously, USB type c cable is an emerging standard for power supply and data, and will be used in most devices. As the device becomes thinner and simpler in terms of power and data ports, it will also provide a series of adapters for other types of data cables.

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