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Does the USB Fast Charger Have to Be Connected to a Computer?

Sep 23-2021

1. The USB fast charger does not have to be connected to a computer to workUSB fast charging refers to charging handheld devices through a USB charger or computer interface with an output current grea...

Methods of Connecting a Bluetooth Headset to a Mobile Phone

Sep 16-2021

1. Connection methods of good quality earphonesFirst of all, when you get a high-quality headset, first turn on the Bluetooth headset. The general bluetooth headset has an on button and a MODE button....

What Are the Types of USB Cables?

Sep 09-2021

1. USB-A cableThis is a standard connector, and it can be found almost at one end of different types of USB cables. It is a rectangular connector and can only be installed in one way. USB-A is most co...

What is a PD Charger? What Are the Differences Between PD Fast Charge and Type-C?

Sep 02-2021

1. The differences between PD fast charge and Type-CThe rise of USB Type-C cables is changing the way smart devices are charged. Major smartphone and laptop manufacturers are making integrated USB Typ...

Why Can't Super Fast Charging Save the Power of My Mobile Phone?

Aug 23-2021

Have you ever heard of "low battery anxiety disorder"? With the development of smart phones, people spend more and more time on mobile phones like work, entertainment, travel and consumption...

Choose the Right Charger to Make Charging Simple and Safe!

Aug 16-2021

Nowadays, there are more and more electric appliances in the market. High speed charger, the special charging equipment, has become an important tool in people's life. From the convenient charging...

Materials of USB Charger and PD Power Charger Shell

Aug 09-2021

What are the main materials of the plastic shell of the power charger? With the development of electronic technology, a large number of USB chargers and charger pd have been popularized into our daily...

Advantages of USB Type C Cable over Traditional USB Data Cable

Aug 02-2021

At present, USB data cables are widely used in the electronic industry. Most electronic devices will have a standard USB interface. Moreover, USB C type cable is now known as a universal solution for ...

USB Type C Fast Charger Makes Charging Easier

Jul 22-2021

With the use of more electronic devices, it is indispensable for many people to carry all kinds of electronic devices. However, once their own electronic devices run out of battery energy, they can no...

Three Key Design Points for USB Cable Connector

Jul 15-2021

A series of rules for developing smarter USB cable connectors and plugs - continue to evolve, and the range of applications it can provide is expanding. This one-piece solution for data and power tran...

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Rm3402 Jin Zhong Huan Tower No.30 Tianhe Straight Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China