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Different Types of USB Connectors

Apr 08-2021

In modern society, USB technology is ubiquitous. However, most of the USB data cables are incompatible, so replacing the USB cable becomes very troublesome. The USB technology industry has been developing, but even the same plug type will be different between different USB connectors, and it will also affect the performance of the plug.

Here are four kinds of different USB connectors:

USB Type A

USB Type A is mainly used in the host controller of computers and hubs. USB Type A sockets provide "downstream" connections for host controllers and hubs, and are rarely implemented as "upstream" connectors on peripherals. Therefore, remember to make sure that at least one plug is USB A when buying a USB data cable.

USB Type B

USB Type B is designed for USB peripherals, such as printers, upper ports on hubs, or other larger peripherals. The main reason for the development of the USB Type B connector was to allow the connection of peripheral devices without the risk of connecting two hosts. USB Type B is still in use now, although better USB data cable types have emerged, this data cable is being phased out.

USB Type C

As the new USB 3.1 standard enters the market, the USB Type C connector has become the latest USB interface. Unlike the aforementioned USB Type A and USB Type B, USB Type C can be used for both host controller ports and devices that use upstream sockets. In the past few years, many laptops and mobile phones with USB Type C ports have appeared on the market.

Mcdodo Type C USB Cable

USB Micro B

It is essentially a reduced form of mini USB, allowing thinner mobile devices while still maintaining the ability to connect to computers and other hubs. The USB Micro B connector has 5 pins and supports USB OTG, allowing smartphones and other similar mobile devices to read external drives, digital cameras, etc., just like computers.

Mcdodo 90 Degree Micro Usb Cable

If you have any questions about different USB connectors, please feel free to consult us GuangDong Mcdodo Industrial Company Limited.

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