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How to Choose the Best USB Fan?

Apr 01-2021

The mini portable USB fan has different designs and price ranges to choose from. You can decide which shape and size you want to buy according to your financial budget, and choose the fan that you think is the most comfortable for working in doors or traveling.

Before purchasing a mini portable USB fan, you need to confirm the following questions:

1. Where is the fan used?

Do you only travel for a few days or will you have a long journey? Or you will go to a place where you can't buy batteries. Or do you simply want to stay calm while studying or working? No matter what your expectations are, you need to make your own decision. If you plan to travel to remote areas, think ahead and plan for contingency. Make sure that the fan has a built-in battery and an appropriate number of batteries; if it is just for daily study and work, you need a specific fan.

2. What kind of fan is needed?

Built-in LED light, magnetic base and neckline are the basic features of mini portable USB fan.

Portable Hand Held Fans Produced by Mcdodo Company

1) Adjustable speed setting

Cooling needs will vary depending on the weather or location. You may just need a little coolness, or you are sweating and need maximum fan speed. Therefore, it is important to buy a portable fan with adjustable speed setting function.

2) Motor strength

The motor is the heart of the fan. If it doesn't work well, you will be disappointed in its performance. The best motor should be both powerful and energy efficient.

3) Noise level

Mcdodo Quiet Handheld Mini Fan

Although we always recommend using a mini portable USB fan with a powerful motor, this does not mean that noise will be generated. A good fan should combine coolness and quietness. It is good to put a quiet fan in the bedroom, you will even forget its existence.

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