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How to Choose USB Fast Charger?

Jun 22-2021

Many cell phone explosions are related to fake USB chargers. If the cell phone is in normal use, it is relatively safe. As for the mobile phone quick charge usb adapter provided by third-party suppliers, if it is a qualified product produced by mobile accessories suppliers of regular big brands, the effect is very close to the original USB charger, but the price is relatively higher.

1. Feel of USB fast charger

Generally speaking, a good USB fast charger is a little bit heavier, and you will feel heavy when you weigh it with your hand. This is because good chargers use more electronics. If it is bought by online shopping, you can directly check the weight of the product on the details page, which can be used as a reference for judgment.

2. USB fast charger interface

For many chargers, the quick charge usb adapter and the charging cable are separated. When charging different mobile phones, just change the charging cable. If you buy a charger of this design, you should pay attention to the USB fast charger interface to make sure it is fully connect with the charging cable. It's not good if the interface is too loose or too tight.

3. Pin of USB fast charger

Good USB fast charger pins are relatively solid and compact. When charging, it takes a little bit of effort to connect to the patch panel. If it's easy to plug or unplug, it shows that there's something wrong with the design of this USB charger. It's better not to buy it. So it's important to choose the qualified mobile accessories suppliers.

4. IC of USB fast charger

Smart chip is an important part of USB fast charger, which is equivalent to the processor of mobile phone. The chip can control and detect current, voltage, temperature and so on when charging.

5. Circuit board of USB fast charger

Good quick charge USB adapter circuit board solder joints will be very uniform without bulk solder. There are many components such as transformer, capacitor and triode and they are larger.

6. Heating capacity of USB fast charger

When charging a mobile phone, the transformer inside the USB fast charger will generate a certain amount of heat. Generally speaking, the heat temperature will not exceed 30 ℃. The better the quality of the transformer, the lower the heat generated during charging, and the safer it is for the mobile phone.

7. 3C certification of USB fast charger

The full name of 3C certification is the compulsory product certification system. 3C certification is a basic certification. If it passes, 3C marks will be pasted on the product surface.

If these standard USB fast chargers mentioned above can meet the requirements, even if they are not perfect, they can at least be sure to be a safe and durable good product. It is unnecessary to worry about the daily use too much.

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Rm3402 Jin Zhong Huan Tower No.30 Tianhe Straight Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China