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How to use the Mcdodo Car Charger?

May 20-2021

Ⅰ. What is the function of the Mcdodo car charger?

The Mcdodo car charger can not only charge mobile phones, etc. through car adapters and cigarette lighters, but also charge mobile phones through the USB port of the computer.

2. How to use the Mcdodo car charger to charge the mobile phone in the car?

USB car charger with LED light is now standard equipment for car owners. It has become a habit of many car owners to plug the mobile phone into the charger after getting in the car, but many people still don't understand the correct use of the correct car charger, then how to use the USB car charger with LED light?

Mcdodo Car Charger With Cable Lightning Android

Mcdodo Fast Charging Lightning Cable

1. Start the car engine

Why does such a simple operation list one step separately? It is because the current is large when the engine is started, which may burn out the charging equipment and even threaten personal safety.

2. Open the cigarette lighter port of the car and plug in the Mcdodo car charger

The operation here is simple. What needs to be explained is that the indicator light is on after the Mcdodo car charger is inserted, and you can move it back and forth a few times to ensure that the car charger shrapnel is stuck firmly.

3. Plug in the charging device to charge

USB devices such as mobile phones and tablets can be charged here. Do not connect to devices with excessive power.

Finally, it is necessary to emphasize: The charging device must be connected to the charging device after the car engine is started! Another point is that the voltage and current are unstable in the vehicle environment. Try to choose a brand car charger with over-current protection and short-circuit protection. After all, once an accident occurs, the damage to the car charger is small, and it is not cost-effective to damage the phone.

Ⅲ. Is the Mcdodo car charger harmful to the battery?

Car chargers are harmful to mobile phone batteries. Different voltages will affect the life of mobile phone batteries. The voltage required for mobile phone chargers is different. If there is no label on the vehicle, there are 6V and 12V, and the voltage is different. It can be used occasionally. Long-term use will easily cause the battery to lose power, that is, the charged power is not durable.

As a kind of top selling cell phone accessories, car chargers are mainly used for emergency charging of mobile phones and other electronic devices, and should be unplugged in time after charging. If the output voltage of the car charger is unstable, long-term use will affect the life of the car battery.

Mcdodo was originally established as a traditional manufacturer, but now we have established our own independent R&D team and established a business system including wholesale, retail, marketing, and supply. Mcdodo has a complete development, manufacturing and sales management system. Now, Mcdodo is also a major supplier of mobile phone accessories for chain stores such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, 7-11, Family Supermarket and Lawson. If necessary, please consult.

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