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Methods of Connecting a Bluetooth Headset to a Mobile Phone

Sep 16-2021

1. Connection methods of good quality earphones

First of all, when you get a high-quality headset, first turn on the Bluetooth headset. The general bluetooth headset has an on button and a MODE button. N3 does not have an on button. It is switched on and off by pressing and holding the MODE button. The point is that after all Bluetooth headsets are turned on, the indicator light will keep flashing, and the indicator light is blue for normal operation. At this time, you must first press and hold the MODE button until the indicator light remains blue. That is to say, the indicator light is not flashing, but always on. Only at this time, the high-quality earphones are in the state of being searched.

After you set the Bluetooth headset to be searchable, turn on the Bluetooth of your mobile phone and follow the normal method of using Bluetooth transmission. You can see "Search for more devices". After searching for a while, a device with the "Bluetooth headset model" will appear. For example, on N3, there will be a device called N3. So the next step is simple, choose to connect to this device, and it will then pop up a box to enter the password. Under normal circumstances, the default password of your Bluetooth headset can be found on the manual. After entering the password, a box will pop up, which probably means that you can confirm whether you can connect to the Bluetooth headset without searching in the future. Choose yes.

Open the mobile phone Bluetooth program, select-paired device-option-new paired device-OK. At the same time, press and hold the power button of the headsets for 5 seconds (when the power of the headset is turned off), the good quality earphones will enter the pairing state. If the mobile phone finds the headset, connect the headset and set it as an authorized device.

2. Solutions to the problem that the mobile phone cannot search for the Bluetooth headset

When a lot of people come into contact with a Bluetooth headset for the first time, they will find that they don't know how to connect to a mobile phone. The following are the relevant solutions provided by Mcdodo.

(1) Press and hold the MFB or power button of the Bluetooth headset, usually about 5 seconds, the blue light will flash. At this time, don't let go and continue to hold until the red and blue lights flash alternately, then release the button. Next, open the mobile phone Bluetooth search, search for the device name, and select the connection.

(2) When the high-quality headset is off, press and hold the power button of the headset until the indicator light keeps on, it is the pairing state. At this time, the mobile phone can be searched, and it is not searchable when the headset is turned on.

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Rm3402 Jin Zhong Huan Tower No.30 Tianhe Straight Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China