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Technical Features of Wireless Chargers

Apr 15-2022

Wireless charger refers to a charger that does not need a traditional charging power cord to be connected to the terminal device that needs to be charged. It adopts the latest wireless charging technology. By using the magnetic field generated between the coils, it magically transmits electric energy, and the inductive coupling technology will Become a bridge connecting charging base stations and devices. The technical features of the wireless charger are as follows:

1. Wireless charger From a theoretical point of view, wireless charging technology is safe and harmless to the human body. The resonance principle used by wireless charging is magnetic field resonance, which is only transmitted between coils that resonate at the same frequency, and other devices cannot accept the band. In addition, The magnetic fields used by wireless charging technology are themselves harmless to the human body. But wireless charging technology is a new type of charging technology after all. Taking McDodo's wireless charger as an example, many people worry that wireless charging technology will be the same as when Wi-Fi and mobile phone antennas just appeared. In fact, the technology itself is harmless.

2. Wireless charging technology uses magnetic resonance to transmit electrical energy in the electric and magnetic fields between the charger and the device, and the coil and capacitor form resonance between the charger and the device.

3. Wireless chargers, this system can be widely used in the future, such as charging areas for electric vehicles and power transmission for computer chips. The charging time required by the charging system developed with this technology is only one hundred and fifty-fifth of the current one.

4. For wireless chargers, the conversion rate has always been a concern for many people. Research has shown that the loss of wireless charging technology is lower than that of wired charging technology. The conversion rate of wireless charging is several percentage points higher than that of wired charging. High conversion is also a key factor for wireless chargers to be applied globally. However, wireless charging technology is also limited by distance. In the future development, it is necessary to solve the problem of precise positioning of the frequency band and magnetic field range for long-distance transmission.

5. Wireless charger, the core chip is one of the difficulties in the application of wireless charger technology in products. Precise radiation range control, magnetic field frequency, and other controls are all implemented by the chip.

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