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Three Key Design Points for USB Cable Connector

Jul 15-2021

A series of rules for developing smarter USB cable connectors and plugs - continue to evolve, and the range of applications it can provide is expanding. This one-piece solution for data and power transmission without a separate power adapter is popular in portable devices, data centers, automotive diagnosis and information entertainment systems, medical electronic devices and outdoor LED displays.

However, at the same time, poorly designed USB type-C cables, connectors and other accessories may cause permanent damage to the hardware they serve. Therefore, it is very necessary for mcdodo usb c cable to meet strict quality standards. Three key design points for selecting USB cable connector are as follows:

1. Power supply of USB cable connector

The USB cable connector sends and receives an appropriate amount of power and requires the use of the correct components. A 56K Ω resistor and a system for leveling power will ensure that the cable only consumes the same electricity as the host equipment.

2. Multifunctional signal transmission of USB cable connector

The standard of USB cable connector also requires the cable to use accurate wire size and correct connector structure. Proper signal integrity and protection against RF and electromagnetic interference can make the multifunctional signal work effectively.

3. Strong structure of USB cable connector

Mcdodo usb c cable also provides enhanced retention and splash protection options to ensure that the USB cable connector can work in harsh industrial environments. This requires enhanced environmental tightness and mechanical strength.

For beginners, mcdodo usb c cable specification ensures that the connection is sealed to prevent dust intrusion and protected by high-pressure water jet. It also supports immersion in water for a limited time.

The solid structure of USB cable connector can be completed by upgrading materials. For example, gold and nickel plated contacts are used to prevent corrosion. Design features such as conductive silicone rubber gaskets and threaded panel connection points also ensure that the connector can work in extreme environments. USB cable connector also has through-hole installation function, which is convenient for mechanically firm PCB connection.

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Rm3402 Jin Zhong Huan Tower No.30 Tianhe Straight Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China