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Unique Advantages of Mcdodo USB Fast Charger

Jun 15-2021

How can we judge whether the mobile phone charger is inferior? A qualified mobile phone charger has a certain standard. There will be a 3C mark on the mobile phone charger, which means that the mobile phone charger meets the national mandatory standard requirements in terms of safety and compatibility, and the quality has been guaranteed to a certain extent. However, in addition to 3C certification, a really good charging product should also have the protection function to avoid accidents caused by overload. Take the plug of Mcdodo phone charger for example: it has the following protection functions:

1. Overvoltage protection of Mcdodo phone charger

The maximum output voltage of a mobile phone charger is generally 5V, and it is well known that the domestic AC voltage is 220V standard. The mobile phone charger will convert the USB power delivery to low voltage and then transfer it to the mobile phone like a transformer. When the voltage is unstable and the power supply voltage is higher than a certain value, the protector of the mobile phone charger with overvoltage protection will cut off the line. When the power supply voltage returns to the normal range, the protector will be automatically connected. This can avoid damage to the mobile phone battery by load or instantaneous high voltage.

2. Overcurrent protection of Mcdodo phone charger

Similar to overvoltage protection, when the current exceeds a certain limit, the Maddox USB fast charger will automatically disconnect the circuit. This allows the phone charger as well as the phone to be protected from being burned by high currents. In addition, when the phone is fully charged, it will automatically stop charging to prevent the phone from overcharging, so as to protect the battery.

3. Short circuit protection of Mcdodo phone charger

There are many phones on the market that actually only have overvoltage and overcurrent protection, but no short circuit protection. Mcdodo phone charger will have a short circuit protection function. The delay time of short-circuit protection is very short, usually less than 7 microseconds. Its working principle is similar to that of over-current protection, but the judgment method is different, and the protection delay time is also different.

4. Over temperature protection of Mcdodo phone charger

Mobile phone charging has certain requirements on the temperature environment, but it is easy to be ignored. In hot summer, the outdoor temperature is very high. You can't always check your mobile phone under the blazing sun while charging. In fact, this kind of behavior is very dangerous. Overtemperature protection can be understood literally, that is, when the charging environment temperature reaches a certain extent, overtemperature protection will be started. Then the USB fast charger of the mobile phone stops charging to avoid the danger of explosion.

5. Mcdodo phone charger uses fireproof materials

High quality mobile phone USB fast charger will use ABS + PC professional fireproof materials, which completely eliminates the possibility of fire caused by the mobile phone charger itself.

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Rm3402 Jin Zhong Huan Tower No.30 Tianhe Straight Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China