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[Weekly New Product] TWS Wireless Headset/Mobile Phone Desktop Stand/3 In 1 Retractable Data Cable

Nov 26-2020

Mobile phone desktop stand

Model: TB-782

Release your hands, watch movies and play games freely, any angle for you!

1. All-round angle adjustment, free height rise and fall

2. Thick base, stable support without shaking

3. Comes with an organizer function for Mcdodo cable to keep the desktop tidy

4. Reserve the charging hole, charging while using does not hinder

5. Universal tablet/phone within 11 inches

Mcdodo Desktop Smartphone Holder

Adjustable Desktop Cell Phone Holder Produced by Mcdodo Company

Mcdodo Mobile Phone Desktop Stand with Thick Solid Base

Mcdodo Phone Desktop Holder with High Adjustability

3 in 1 Retractable Data Cable

Model: CA-725

Boasting High-value and fast-charging, USB cable with a retractable design allows length to be adjusted like a tape measure!

1. 3 in 1 with storage function, easy to carry

2. 5 gears to adjust the length

3. Biaxial tension structure design

4. Compatible with 99% mobile phone device charging

Mcdodo Type C 3 in 1 Retractable Usb Cable

Mcdodo Type C Cable with Adjustable Length

Mcdodo Fast Charging Retractable USB Cable

TWS true wireless headphone

Model: HP-530

Comfortable in-ear, true wireless, and good sound quality, entry-level essential!

1. The latest Bluetooth 5.1 chip, the connection is more stable and smooth

2. Long battery life, no pressure for one day of continuous use

3. Comes with noise reduction function, music/calls are clear

4. Support smart touch/voice control/automatic connection

Wireless Earphones Produced by Mcdodo Mobile Accessories Manufacturer

Mcdodo Comfortable Earphones Wireless

White Earphones Bluetooth Manufactured by Mcdodo Company

Mcdodo Charging Case for Wireless Earphones

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Rm3402 Jin Zhong Huan Tower No.30 Tianhe Straight Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China