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What Are the Types of USB Cables?

Sep 09-2021

1. USB-A cable

This is a standard connector, and it can be found almost at one end of different types of USB cables. It is a rectangular connector and can only be installed in one way. USB-A is most commonly used in computers or power outlets. Many TVs, gaming systems, cars, media players, and other devices also have one or more connectors. When charging, connect the USB-A end to a USB plug or a portable computer or computer. The USB-A cable will only enter the port in one way. You won't find a cable with USB-A on both ends, because it's actually useless. Make sure to insert the cable correctly to avoid damage to the cable or equipment.

2. USB-B cable

This is an older connector that is rarely used now. They are commonly used to connect printers or external hard drives to computers. The USB Type B connector (technically called the "standard B" connector) has a roughly square appearance with a square protrusion on the top. Type B ports can be found on many USB non-host devices, such as audio interfaces, external hard drives, and printers. Most USB cables have a type B plug on one end.

3. USB-mini cable

As the name suggests, this is a smaller connection type suitable for mobile devices. It has been largely replaced by micro USB, but you will still find it on some cameras, MP3 players and other such devices.

4. Micro USB cable

This is a miniature connector, which is popular on different types of USB cables. Micro USB used to be the most common USB port, and it can still be found in many older models. This type of connection does not require a computer to read the data. However, some smartphones have moved to the newer USB-C port. Be careful to match the shape of the port with the Micro-USB cable to avoid damage.

5. USB-C cable

This is the latest USB standard. Unlike old cables, the latter usually have USB-A at one end and another type at the other end, and all new devices have USB-C ports. The USB Type-C cable can realize high-speed data transmission and higher power flow, so that the mobile phone can be charged faster. The USB type C cable is also reversible and can be inserted in any way. USB-C is gradually adopted by device manufacturers.

6. USB 3 cable

The so-called "backward compatibility" means that they can actually be used with older USB ports and other USB cables purchased in bulk. USB 3 has connector pins of different shapes, so it can withstand more frequent use. However, it must be noted that all devices must be compatible with USB 3 to obtain higher speeds. For example, if you have a USB 3.1 compatible device, you can use these cables to transfer data at 10 Gbps. However, if you are using an older device, you will not be able to obtain the same fast data transfer rate.

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