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What is a PD Charger? What Are the Differences Between PD Fast Charge and Type-C?

Sep 02-2021

1. The differences between PD fast charge and Type-C

The rise of USB Type-C cables is changing the way smart devices are charged. Major smartphone and laptop manufacturers are making integrated USB Type-C interfaces, allowing chargers to be shared across devices. Therefore, you only need to use a laptop charger to charge your phone, and vice versa. Power transmission PD fast charging is basically a fast charging protocol that utilizes its powerful functionality and versatility.

PD fast charge is a breakthrough technology in mobile fast charging. It can provide 18W of power using the traditional USB data line "V-BUS". Although it can give the smartphone a fast charging experience, it does not comply with the USB safety standard "USB-IF". In addition, it also restricts devices equipped with Qualcomm chips, so notebook computers cannot benefit from it. On the other hand, the power transmission technology increases the power level to 100w, which also meets the safety standards of USB charging. Therefore, it provides a safe and fast charging method for larger electronic products such as laptops, drones and smart home appliances.

2. Advantages of PD fast charge equipment

Power transmission PD fast charging does not require any proprietary equipment, so you only need to plug the large backup hard drive that usually requires an external power supply directly into the laptop, and you can get a faster data transmission rate through a cable. Or quickly charge the phone while transferring data without interference. In addition, the PD charger also optimizes the power management of multiple peripheral devices, so each device only consumes the power required by the current process. In other words, unless the hard disk is spinning, it will not consume power. And the USB type C cable is widely used.

3. The charger PD is an intelligent system-level power management method

One of the most interesting things about PD chargers is that the direction of power is not fixed. You can use a portable power charger to charge your laptop while using your laptop to charge your mobile phone. In addition, you can also charge the Bluetooth headset through your mobile phone.

We have all heard of phone melting and battery explosion, which is a nightmare for some people. The PD charger provides a smart way to completely eliminate this fear. In addition to the aforementioned USB-IF compliance, PD charging also provides a flexible and intelligent system-level power management method through the optional hub communication with the PC. Therefore, in addition to low-power compatibility, you can now use a laptop charger to charge the headset.

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