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What is Charger PD? What Are the Advantages and How to Choose It?

Mar 17-2022

Many individuals use fast chargers to power their phones due to the popularity of rapid charging technologies. Many people refer to them as USB-C chargers, Charger PD, or TYPE-C chargers to distinguish them from ordinary USB fast chargers. All three of these abbreviations refer to the same kind of quick charger. Although charger PD is a fast charger, it is not the same as all fast chargers.

1. Learn about charger PD

Charger PD refers to a charger that supports the PD fast charging protocol. However, because the PD protocol is frequently coupled with the USB type C cable interface, certain chargers are also referred to as TYPE-C chargers.

2. Features of charger PD

Charger PD differs from ordinary chargers in two ways: first, it achieves high efficiency in power management. Second, it achieves flexible adaptive adjustment according to the power transmission protocol. The same charger, which is set up with different voltage/current schemes, achieves flexible adjustment, allowing for fast charging while power is effectively managed and the battery is protected.

The distinction between the PD fast charging standard and other fast chargers is that the usb type C cable  interface can sustain high currents of 3A or 5A. Depending on the voltage, the maximum power transmitted can reach 100W. Such a large power is available in other fast chargers.

Now that most notebooks have embraced the USB type C cable interface and the PD fast charging protocol, Qualcomm's QC fast charging is beginning to compromise on PD as well. With the growing popularity of the TYPE-C interface, charger PD may be the last charger you'll ever need.

3. How do you choose charger PD?

Because the current PD fast charging is not fully compatible, you should choose one with a USB-A and USB type C cable interface when it comes to the jack. The range of use will be a little broader, and two ports can be charged at the same time, which is fairly convenient.

The charger PD is more versatile, more compatible, and has a more consistent charging power. We should choose a dual-port charger with a USB-A and USB type C cable of 30W or more, based on our current usage situation. There are also a slew of low-cost charging heads on the market that are compatible with today's popular mobile phone fast charging and are highly regarded by charger vertical media charging heads.

Do you know what charger PD is now after reading the above? Do you know how to pick the best charger PD for your needs? Have you ever needed to purchase a dependable PD charging head? Mcdodo is a mobile phone accessories supplier, specializing in the manufacture of explosive data cables and chargers. If you require assistance, please visit our official website for an online consultation. We will provide you with excellent service!

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