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What is Fast Charging?

May 06-2021

The output of electric charge is measured in amperes and voltage. Multiply volts by amperes to get the wattage (total power). To make devices charge faster, most manufacturers either increase the amperage or change the voltage to increase the potential energy.

1. Apple fast charging: 

Apple uses USB quick charge and claims that in just 30 minutes, battery life will increase by 50%. Starting from iPhone 8, all Apple mobile phones support fast charging.

Mcdodo Travel Charger with Speed Charging

2. Samsung fast charging: 

Samsung's adaptive fast charging method is similar to Qualcomm's fast charging method, but Samsung has not announced all the specifications of its adaptive fast charging, nor has it made any statement about the charging time.

Most of Samsung's current flagship products support adaptive fast charging with built-in adapters up to 25W. Although some Samsung phones support older versions of Qualcomm's fast charging, the speed will be much faster if you use the phone's own adapter or Samsung-certified adapter.

3. Wireless fast charging: 

Wireless charging is very convenient, but the speed will be relatively slow. Most wireless chargers without a fan or cooling system can only charge at a speed of 5V/1A. But many companies now provide fast wireless charging plates with built-in cooling fans, which can charge almost at the same speed as the data cable.

Mcdodo 15 Watt Wireless Charger

Depending on your device, the fast charging standards that can be used will vary. First check what your mobile phone supports, and then see if the adapter used supports the same standard, and then make sure your data cable is compatible. If you need to buy a new adapter, data cable, or wireless charging pad, please pay attention to the standards it supports.

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