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What is the Difference Between USB and USB-c?

May 27-2021

1. What is a USB Type-C cable?

The Mcdodo USB Type C is actually a Type-C port. Of course, this port will usually join the PD(Power Delivery) protocol under normal circumstances. The PD protocol is one of the mainstream fast charge protocols and the most popular fast charge method at present.

The Mcdodo usb-C cable that adapts to the PD protocol can deliver up to 100 watts of power, and can freely change the direction of power delivery.

In real life, the Mcdodo usb-c cable allows various electronic devices to meet the power supply requirements through a USB cable. In addition to charging mobile phones and tablets, it can also fast charge notebook computers and other devices that could not be powered by USB in the past. It is also a kind of top selling cell phone accessories.

Mcdodo Type C Cable

2. What is the difference between USB and USB-c?

Through the introduction of the USB-C port above, we believe everyone is very clear about the difference between USB-C and USB port. To put it simply, the new generation of USB-C has faster transmission speed, stronger power transmission, smaller interface size, and supports two-way transmission with stronger compatibility.

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