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What is the Good Material of Wireless Charger?

Dec 21-2021

Wireless chargers on the market are usually made of high-density plastic materials. That is the best kind of material. Its plastics can be divided into ordinary grade, temperature resistant grade, flame retardant grade, electroplating grade, etc. according to the purpose. The main plastics used in our common power adapters are PC, ABS and PC+ABS.

1. Selection of magnetic isolation materials for wireless chargers

The internal coil of the single-coil free-position charging device is equipped with a driving device, which can move in a plane. It automatically detects the placement position of the terminal device and moves the coil to that position so that the position of the coil is consistent with the receiving position of the terminal. In order to achieve charging and improve charging efficiency, this type of design allows the terminal to be charged at any position on the charging board. The Qi standard stipulates that the operating frequency of this type of charger is 140kHz. Because the coil needs to be moved, the magnetic isolation sheet is required to have high reliability, so the magnetic isolation sheet of the fast wireless charger generally adopts the flexible magnetic sheet made by the casting process.

The multi-coil free-position charger can charge multiple terminals at the same time, and multiple coils are arranged inside, and these coils cover most of the charging base. As a result, the terminal can be placed on the charging stand relatively freely, and the wireless charger will automatically select several coils that can transmit efficiently to supply power. The Qi standard stipulates that the operating frequency of the multi-coil free-position charger is 105kHz~113kHz, and the magnetic isolation sheet generally selects MnZn power materials with high Bs and low loss characteristics.

3. Does the wireless charger charge as fast as a normal charger?

The charging speed of a wireless charger and an ordinary charger will be different. Moreover, according to different wireless charger manufacturers, the current and frequency are also different.

Cause of heat generation: It is because of the large current in the charger, which leads to obvious heat generation.

(1) The first reason for heating is that the rapid movement of electronic equipment current increases the overall molecular motion speed, which is a sign of the violent degree of molecular motion—temperature rise.

(2) The transformer in the second charger needs to convert the household voltage, which is generally 22V, into a smaller mobile phone charging voltage, such as 3.7V, 2.5V, etc. In this process, the transformer cannot completely convert the voltage, but wastes some energy. This is why the transformer makes a faint sound and emits heat, which is released in the form of heat. Then your charger and electrical appliances will get hot. At the same time, the temperature is high and the resistance is large, so heating will increase the power consumption of electronic equipment and slow down the charging speed to a certain extent.

The Mcdodo wireless charger uses a magnetic field as a bridge to transfer electrical energy through a non-conductive method. It works through two parts: transmitter station and receiver. The wireless charging transmitter station is directly connected to the power source, and then the mobile receiver is placed on the active area on the surface of the wireless charging station for charging. Mobile phones equipped with this special receiver are called "all compatible" devices. To use a wireless fast charger, we need a "all compatible" device. For this reason, we have 7.5w and 10w wireless chargers for sale, if you have any needs, you can contact our official customer service online!

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Rm3402 Jin Zhong Huan Tower No.30 Tianhe Straight Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China