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Why Can't Super Fast Charging Save the Power of My Mobile Phone?

Aug 23-2021

Have you ever heard of "low battery anxiety disorder"? With the development of smart phones, people spend more and more time on mobile phones like work, entertainment, travel and consumption. The resulting demand for battery life has become a pain point for the industry. On the one hand, the continuous upgrading of smart phones in CPU computing performance, screen resolution and broadband wireless network communication has increased the power consumption of mobile phones accordingly. On the other hand, due to the physical characteristics of lithium battery and the size, weight, heat dissipation performance, cost and other factors of mobile phone body, the overall growth rate of mobile phone battery capacity is slow.

Ⅰ. Can USB type c cable be used for fast charging?

In the eyes of many people, USB type c cable head has been firmly connected with fast charging. However, is type-C equal to fast charging? Definitely no. Type-C is an interface shape specification. By default, the maximum supported power is only 15W. However, CC cable, the special communication line of type-C interface can transmit USB-PD protocol, and the maximum USB power delivery supports 100W.

It can be said that the round C port is only the shell of fast charging, and PD fast charge is the real soul of fast charging. Therefore, when your mobile phone is clearly a type-C port, but it cannot be charged normally, there may be these three problems:

1. The phone itself does not support PD fast charge.

2. The charging head does not support PD fast charging protocol.

3. The charging line does not have CC cable.

If there are any of the above three problems, fast charging cannot be realized normally.

Ⅱ. PD fast charge compatibility mode is coming

Although the fastest fast charging mobile phone can be charged 44% in five minutes and fully charged in 16 minutes, the endurance anxiety has not disappeared. No one wants to see the "low battery" prompt box pop up frequently. And consumers will not have a quick charging accessory on hand every time they want to charge. Not to mention that various mobile accessories manufacturers have adopted private agreements for fast charging, which can only be realized by using their own brand chargers. Once you change your mobile phone, you must change the fast charging head and fast charging cable. Once the wires and heads of different mobile phone accessories manufacturers are mixed, they can only be charged slowly.

In order to accelerate the development of the industry, the technical specification for fast charging has been released recently, which aims to unify the fast charging standard, improve the user experience and avoid resource waste. At the same time, it is also proposed to charge to 60% within 30 minutes as the minimum compatible standard.

Perhaps the future of enjoying the perfect fast charging experience is close at hand.

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